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New England Local Businesses

As a small, local business ourselves, Lee's Candy Kitchen is a proud supporter of others near and far. We love our home state of New Hampshire, but we understand our state is only so big. We spread our love across New England to support as many local businesses as possible. We thank all of our vendors for the unique, homemade, and high quality products, along with the great relationships we have built over the years. 

Winfrey’s Fudge & Chocolates

Located in Rowley, Massachusetts, Winfrey’s Fudge & Chocolates has been a long-time favorite chocolate company since 1979. Winfrey’s is a second-generation family run business and has continued to grow over the years. Using old fashioned techniques and family secret recipes, they make a wide selection of gourmet chocolates with quality that’s hard to beat.

Hey Sugar! New England


Freeze dried candy is all the rage! Hey Sugar! is located in Goffstown, NH and freeze dries all your favorite candies!  turning them into galactic fun! They are a small, family, local business that loves to support other local establishments and the community. Hey Sugar! is always down to experiment with new candy recommendations and they describe their product as "candy with a personality!"

Hall Apiaries

Hall Apiaries is a local bee keeping business that is located in Plainfield, New Hampshire. Although the jarring of honey happens in Plainfield, the honey is collected from northern New Hampshire and Vermont where the honey bees live and travel around. Their honey bee colonies are managed without the use of harmful chemicals or treatments of any kind.

Dante Confections

Dante Confections is a generational, family owned business located in North Billerica, Massachusetts. They specialize in gourmet, Italian style chocolates including turtles, truffles, bars, clusters and more. The most popular of their chocolates is the amazing truffles, with a smooth egg shape and beautiful handmade designs for the individual flavors.

Sillie Puffs

Located here in NH, Sillie Puffs creates the wildest and coolest cotton candy flavors you've ever heard of! Including seasonal and everyday flavors, over 19 years of productions has brought them to an astonishing 66 flavors to pick and choose from. Flavors such as Dill Pickle and Popping Blue Raspberry are only just the beginning of a very cool list you have eat your way down! 

Mike’s of Maine

Mike’s of ME is a local, generational family business located in Presque Isle, ME. They pickle and jar a multitude of favorite products using locally sourced produce. They’re homemade pickled eggs, green beans, garlic and more are top tier in our opinion.


Just Maple

Just Maple specializes in homemade maple products. Located in Tilton, New Hampshire, they are a generational, family-owned local business. Sourcing their own maple syrup, they make amazing maple candies, syrup, sugars, cream, and more!

CB Stuffer

Located in Swampscott, Massachusetts, CB Stuffer is a generational family run business. They are very family oriented, and it’s not uncommon to see members of the family helping out making the chocolates. They make some of the biggest peanut butter cups you can find on the market, and not only that, but they also come in a wide variety of fun flavors. CB Stuffer is proud to be members of the New England Retailers Confectioners Association, National Specialty Food Trade Association, Retail Association of MA, and North Shore Chamber of Commerce.


Taza Chocolate

Located in Somerville, Massachusetts, Taza Chocolates specializes in vegan chocolates. They practice stone grinding of cocoa which brings the strong chocolate flavors out in the chocolate. They have a wide range of dark chocolate percentages to choose from, and even have a milk chocolate option using almond milk for those who prefer a sweeter treat. Taza’s chocolate is also organic, Direct Trade Certified Cacao, Gluten Free, Non GMO, and Soy free. 

Silly Cow Farms

Silly Cow Farms is located in Vermont and pride themselves in creating quality, gourmet hot chocolate with qualtiy ingrediants making them a healthier choice. They also have 0

many flavors to choose from that you are bound to love! "Our tradition of quality and health integrity may seem silly to some, but that's what we know and believe in."


Port City Pretzel

Located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Port City Pretzel makes amazing pretzels in various flavors. They are 100% women owned business, and proud to be WBENC and WOSB certified. The pretzel recipe they have was inspired by politicians and pioneers, Mary Dondero and Eileen Foley. Port City Pretzel is also proud to be able to say that the majority of their staff is disabled, and that  they “are radically inclusive. We believe great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere.” (

Jed’s Maple

Located in Derby, Vermont, Jed’s Maple is a local, 6th generation, family-oriented business. As their family has grown, so has their business. Jed’s Maple has a wide variety of maple treats, including hard maple candies that are a fan favorite in our store! Jed’s Maple is proud to follow organic guidelines, and to be one of the first maple farms to be apart of the Audubon Bird Friendly Maple Program that provided sanctuary to local nesting songbirds.


Bixby & Co.

Bixby Chocolates are located in Rockland, ME. They specialize in both vegan and non-vegan chocolates and snacks. Bixby is a local, woman owned family business that has grown greatly over the years, becoming well known allover ME. Their products are gluten free, Non GMO, and Rainforest Alliance Certified for Cocoa.


Vermont Nut Free

Vermont Nut Free has a dedicated peanut and tree nut free facility that specializes in chocolates, candies, snacks, and more! They are located in Colchester, Vermont and their goal is to make delicious, quality chocolate that people with nut allergies can eat worry free.


Deathwish Coffee Co.

Located in Round Lake, New York, Deathwish Coffee Co. specializes in extremely strong, highly caffeinated coffee. Their coffee has over double the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. Using a signature blend and roasting method, their coffee is very strong but never bitter. Deathwish Coffee is also USDA Organic and has Fair Trade Coffee Beans.


North Wood Animal Treats

Found in Keene, New Hampshire, North Wood Animal Treats is a small, local business that makes organic, homemade treats for your pets. Using all natural ingredients, their treats come in flavors your pets just can’t resist.


Big Spoon Roasters

Although not located in New England, this local business located in Durham, North Carolina has quickly become a fan favorite in our store. Providing high quality, ethically sourced, sustainable, and environmentally friendly nut butters with delicious taste, Big Spoon Roasters has earned its way onto this list. They have amazing flavors and a wide variety of nut options to choose from that will enhance any snack! (or is great to just eat with a spoon!)

Small Batch Kitchen

Also located outside of New England, Small Batch Kitchen is also very worthy of making our local list! Located in Landsdale, Pennsylvania, this local business was founded by Sheila Rhodes. Before starting her business, she started a garden with the goal to be more sustainable and self-sufficient for herself and family. After lots of practice canning and jarring her produce, and perfecting her recipes, she soon had plenty to share with all her friends and family. Her recipes were so good everyone pushed her to open her own business, and thank goodness she did because her jams are fantastic! 

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